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mushrooms and onions

I made a large batch of caramelized onions and mushrooms and used it in different ways over the week. To make the caramelized onions and mushrooms, obviously, first I thinly sliced lots of onions and 2 packages of mushrooms. I used white button and baby bella mushrooms. Heat up a lot of olive oil and once it is hot, add the onions and mushrooms. Meanwhile, mince some garlic cloves and add it to the pan. Add salt and pepper and keep stirring on medium-low heat. This is going to take a while. In the meantime, I cut up strips of green bell peppers and also de-seeded and sliced jalapeños. I used the jalapeños for a bit of kick and also coz I had to use them up. The onions and mushrooms will reduce to more than half their original size and will look all brown and caramelized. At the last min, add the peppers and jalapeños.

Armed with this batch, the first thing I made was pasta. I made a beautiful white sauce. Add some flour to heated olive oil and butter, stir it till the flour is cooked…