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India trip in food (Mumbai street food and Gujarati thali)

I am back from the long break. A two month long vacation in India. And now I have big trouble trying to write a blog post. I guess that is why consistency is the key.
I really want to write about the fabulous food we ate in Mumbai and Gujarat. We really were spoilt for choice.
The first half of our vacation was in Mumbai where we ate every street food we could get our hands on.
Street food tastes best when eaten out of the smallest of stalls on the "street". The same food in bigger restauranty places just does not have the taste. The most popular street food all over India is "Chaat" which comprises of several types of spicy, sweet, tangy and crispy dishes. The same basic chutneys are used to create a plethora of chaats. One of which is the Sev Puri pictured above. It has a layer of crispy puris, topped with boiled potatoes, onions, chutneys, coriander leaves and a generous topping of sev and some spicy peanuts. We got this from a small stand (in the corner of…
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