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Recreating Turtle Empanadas : Empanadas filled with chocolate, caramel and walnuts

I have been wanting to recreate Turtle empanadas ever since I tasted them at a popular Mexican eatery called "On the Border", back in Charlotte. That was over 3 years ago. They had, apparently, discontinued the dessert when we went there again. That made us pretty sad.

It was just last month, for our 10th wedding anniversary, that I finally made up my mind to try it out. It was pretty close tastewise, as far as our memory serves. Mine were just somewhat smaller than the ones at On the Border.

I made all the components before hand, then assembled and baked the empanadas the day of our anniversary. Instead of regular caramel, I made dulche de leche one day. I really wanted to try making it for its unique preparation method. I made chocolate sauce the next day and the dough on the third day. Finally every thing came together to make a beautiful dessert.

Dulche de leche recipe source :
I really loved the taste. It reminded me a little bit of brown pedha. Quite …
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