Getting crafty with plastic Easter eggs - Musical Egg Shakers, Egg Wobbleheads and Egg Teacups

The Easter egg hunt is long over but your house is still filled with the plastic Easter eggs. What do you do with them? That is the question I asked myself ....and to Google a while ago. Turns out, a lot of people have that question and have answers to them too. So the ideas here are not original but I went through a lot of them and many were repeated on so many places that I do not have the proper links to credit them.
My daughter loved the Easter egg hunt at her preschool and she loved her plastic Easter eggs. It was her first egg hunt. But when I turned those eggs into something more, she was excited.

Musical Egg Shakers

The first thing we made were musical egg shakers. This is the easiest to make.

plastic eggs
rice, beans
clear tape
  • Open up the plastic egg. Fill a little bit of rice or beans or other grains in them. I used rice for one and black eyed peas for another.
  • Tape the egg closed so that the fillings do not fall out.
  • Have fun making music and dancing.

Egg Wobbleheads

These egg wobbleheads are also very easy to make and the kids just love to play with them.

easter egg wobbleheads

plastic eggs
clear tape
permanent marker
optional paper decorations
  • Open up the plastic egg. Stick a small ball of playdoh in the center of the bottom part of the egg.
  • Tape the egg closed.
  • Draw some funny faces on the egg with permanent marker
  • Add paper decorations. I cut up some paper which the daughter had painted on and taped it to the egg as hair for the egg head.


These teacups look very beautiful if done well. Mine are as beautiful as they can get when you try to paint while the toddler is trying to fight you for paint :) This craft takes a little time and effort in mainly keeping them away from the daughter while waiting for the glue to dry.

easter egg teacups

plastic eggs
craft glue
old greeting card
  • Open up the plastic egg and seperate the two parts. Use craft glue to stick buttons to the bottom of the eggs so that they can stand on their own.
  • Now comes the hard part. Wait for the glue to dry.
  • Paint some designs on the teacup.
  • Cut out strips from an old greeting card and use tape to stick them as handles to the teacups.
  • Have a tea party with your favorite stuffed animals.


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