A day in the life

Calling myself a real housewife, I thought I should do a "Day in the life of a housewife" kind of post. This Monday I could get a lot done and cut down on screen time. Maybe it was the start of the week enthusiasm.

The most important thing I did was get an hour of exercise, first thing in the morning. I intend to do that everyday but the intentions do not always translate to action. The exercise gave me a refreshing jolt of energy and reminded me to stick with it, if only for the energy.

My day in a list form.
  • Exercised an hour.
  • Get the daughter to brush, change and all of that morning routine. This takes at least half an hour with all the running and "I dont want to brush".
  • Washed the garbage cans
  • Breakfast time.
  • Laundry time. A whites load, a colored load, drying, folding and putting it away. Takes atleast an hour. I let the daughter help with this. 
  • Made chapati dough with the daughter mixing her own in a smaller bowl.
  • Bath time and dealing with "I don't want to bath" and "I don't want to come out of the bath".
  • Lunch time. Made khichadi. Both of us love it but the husband wont eat it. So, perfect when the husband is at office and ready to eat the chinese takeout.
  • Wrote a blog post for a blog event.
  • Prepared mushroom aloo matar for dinner while the daughter is napping.
  • Made some veggie oat tikkis for evening snack and froze the rest. The daughter helped coat them in semolina.
  • Tea and snack time when the husband returns from office.
  • Take daughter out for a walk in the neighborhood. (taking advantage of late summer evening light)
  • Time to make chapatis for dinner and heat up the sabzi.
  • Dinner time
  • Sleep time.
There is TV time and internet time built in along the day. I can't not do internet every single day (or hour).
Some days there is crafting instead of making a snack. The daughter loves helping with any of those things.
When I am not doing laundry, I vacuum or clean the kitchen or some other cleaning type activity.
Summer vacation is going on, so there is no dropping and picking up from school activity.


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