Valentines for kids - Chocolate coated Pretzel heart treats

In my last post, I wrote that I made chocolate covered pretzel hearts as Valentines for my daughter's classmates last year. I thought today is the perfect day to write about them. They are a nice treat to snack on Valentines Day.
They are quite easy to make, infact it is not so much about making them as it is assembling them. I used a bag of small pretzels also called "tiny twists". They kind of look like tiny hearts.

I made my assembly line of pretzels, melted almond bark (white chocolate substitute) and red sugar sprinkles.

Going down my assembly line, I take a pretzel and dip it in the white candy coating. I use a fork to lift it out and let the excess drip back into the bowl. While the pretzel is still on the fork, I dip one side in the red sugar. Finally I lay the pretzel (sugar side up) on a foil lined sheet (for easy clean up).

When the almond bark starts to thicken, zap it in the microwave for half a minute or so till it gets nice and flowy again. Once I had my tray full of pretzels coated with the candy and sugar, I gave it some time to set up. Then I used the melted almond bark as glue to attach an M&M at the center of the pretzel. That gave it a more heart like appearance by hiding the center pretzel shape.

To package the pretzel treats, I used clear treat bags because the treats were too pretty not to show off ;) I used heart doilies as pretty labels. After adding a few pretzels to the bags, I folded the top of the bags down and punched two holes in it. I passed the string that came with the heart doilies through the two holes and tied the doilies to the treat bags.

It was a time consuming job to get a couple of trayfuls of the pretzel treats. The end result was totally pretty and delicious. My daughter still remembers these treats.


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